Gallerysmith is a contemporary art gallery which exhibits and actively supports the careers of artists from Australia and the South East Asian region. The gallery presents around twenty solo exhibitions each year across three spacious gallery spaces.

Launched by director Marita Smith in 2008, Gallerysmith is proud to represent a selection of highly credentialed artists including those with international reputations, as well as important mid-career artists, while also successfully forging the careers of younger practitioners.

In 2014, Marita Smith and Gallery Manager Emma Benichou jointly launched Gallerysmith Project Space, an additional project gallery (upstairs) to enable to gallery to support the practices of unrepresented artists. In essence, Gallerysmith Project Space sits somewhere between and ARI (artist run initiative) and a commercial space. Gallerysmith Project Space website is gsprojectspace.com

This unique combination of gallery models allows Gallerysmith to present a broad cross-section of art, making your visit a rich and fulfilling experience.

Gallerysmith is also the hub for a number of large studio spaces which are occupied by ten creative practitioners who work across a variety of disciplines.